The Governor of the Ryazan Region N. Lyubimov presented an honorary award to S. Pakhomov, an employee of Sasta



   A solemn ceremony was held at which the Governor of the Ryazan Region Nikolai Lyubimov presented the state awards of the Russian Federation to the best workers in various sectors of the economy and the social sphere who made a great contribution to the development of the region.

   Within the framework of the ceremony, 24 people were awarded, and one of them is a worthy representative of Sasta - automatic line adjuster Sergey Pakhomov, who was awarded the honorary title “Honored Mechanical Engineer”.

   Over the entire 44-year history of the machine-tool plant, 12 workers were represented to such a high award, by a happy coincidence of circumstances Sergey was the thirteenth.

  The honorary title “Honored Machine Builder” S. Pakhomov was awarded as a highly productive worker for his merits in successfully introducing the newest technology and new technologies into production, their rapid development and assisting in training other workers.

 We sincerely congratulate Sergey on such a high award. We wish him good health, happiness and continued success in work in the circle of our friendly team!