Head of Buffalo Machinery (Taiwan) Dr. Paul Chang visited the machine-tool plant Sasta and the Sasovo Foundry



Dr. Paul Chang, founder and president of Buffalo Machinery (Taiwan), chairman of the Renewable Energy Committee of the Republic of Taiwan, professor at the State Electrotechnical University of Taiwan, visited the Sasta machine-tool plant and the Sasovsky Foundry.

Buffalo Machinery is one of the largest Taiwanese manufacturers of metalworking equipment of the widest range. It manufactures machine tools under its own brands Microcut, Challenger and Axile. It is also a major OEM manufacturer of machinery equipment of a number of well-known European brands. The metal-cutting equipment of Buffalo Machinery is used at many Russian industrial enterprises, including for the fulfillment of important state orders. Buffalo Machinery machines are successfully operated in 52 countries of the world. Every year after market research and close communication with suppliers, the company launches into mass production from 2 to 4 new projects of modern equipment.

Dr. Paul Chang, as part of the delegation, inspected the production facilities of Sasovsky plants: the capabilities of the foundry, as well as the machining shop and assembly sites. During the tour, representatives of the Taiwanese side asked a number of questions, and also expressed a number of tips and suggestions for improving production processes. 

The main purpose of the visit is to locate in Sasovo the production of new high-precision 5-axis machining centers that correspond to the concept of production Industry 4.0. This equipment is designed to solve complex production problems. Machines have an intelligent control system that provides maximum performance and precision machining.
The data of 5 axial machining centers are equipped with a system for monitoring temperature expansions, vibration sensors and a system for monitoring the performance of all components for the organization of timely maintenance.

Placing the production of metalworking equipment at Sasovsky plants takes place within the framework of the joint Russian-Taiwanese enterprise established last year, 51% of which is owned by Baltic Industrial Company and 49% by Buffalo Machinery.

In order to create a truly efficient and modern production, technical re-equipment and modernization of the Sasta machine-tool plant and the Sasovsky foundry are currently under way: the production facilities are being renovated and repaired, new smelting equipment has been purchased and commissioned, and new metal-processing plants are being launched and mastered
machine tools procurement group.

At present, the Sasta machine-tool plant is awaiting the arrival of a new model tooling for the casting of the first batch of cores and main machine tool assemblies for new 5-axis machines of joint Russian-Taiwanese production.

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