Planned visit to machine-tool plant Sasta by the management of BPK


The delegation of BPK visited machine-tool plant Sasta and the Sasovo foundry with a planned visit.

During the visit, the General Director of BPK, Kaledina Diana, discussed with the General Director of Sasta Maxim Glebovitsky questions of further investment in Sasovo plants. At present, the foundry is being modernized, equipment for the welding and storage section has been purchased and put into operation. The main task of Sasta and the Sasovo Foundry is to increase the workers' labor productivity and form the current stock of machine tools.

In addition, Kaledina D. conducted an inspection of Sasty’s organizational changes and monitored the plant’s financial condition, and also discussed the infrastructure problems of the plants: electricity and gas supply, issues of reducing industrial risks and reducing environmental losses.