Machine-tool plant "Sasta" celebrated its 45th anniversary


For the participants of the event, an excursion was conducted to the production workshops of the machine-tool plant Sasta and the Sasovsky Foundry: a design bureau, a foundry, a blank production, a heat treatment section, a machining production, an electrical installation section, a section for the assembly of medium-sized machines, an assembly section for large-sized, heavy and specialized machines.

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In the framework of the plenary session and the working session, a discussion was held on the current state of the machine tool industry; possibilities of technical re-equipment and modernization of Russian production using the example of Sasovsky plants; ways to use innovative technologies (additive technologies, industry 4.0) at the machine-building enterprises of the country; as well as issues of “personnel hunger” and ways to solve them.

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The solemn award ceremony was opened by the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Ryazan Region Oleg Kharivsky. “For 45 years, the plant Sasta has become one of the flagships of the domestic machine tool industry and has become one of the largest enterprises in the Central Federal District. In many ways, this is the merit of the team. Thanks to the competent leadership, professionalism and responsible work of each employee, the company successfully develops, develops new markets, ”said O. Harivsky. He stressed that the plant’s products are in demand in such strategic areas as the fuel and energy complex, the oil and gas industry, the military-industrial complex, the automobile and railway industries.


Dmitry Nikitin, Deputy Director of the Machine Tool Building and Investment Machine Building Department, noted the merits of the machine-tool plant Sasta, its work team and veterans: solutions will contribute to the development of the domestic machine-building complex, its technical renewal and the promotion of a new high tech equipment." Also Nikitin D. emphasized that the machine-tool plant Sasta ranked second in terms of production among the manufacturers of machine-tool equipment for 2018, according to the Stankoinstrument association. 


Vitaly Gilev, Head of Modernization of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, emphasized the "experience of previous generations, the richest technical potential", as well as "a fusion of experience and tradition, professionalism, innovation and creative work," which for 45 years allows the machine tool plant Sasta "take on the most difficult projects and successfully implement them."

Maxim Glebovitsky, General Director of the Machine-Tool Plant Sasta and Sasovsky Foundry congratulated the staff and veterans of the company and also spoke about the technical re-equipment program: Foundry, upgraded thermal, welding and procurement areas, metrological service. After all, modern high-precision and high-tech equipment can not be produced using obsolete technology.” The plans for the future were also briefly outlined: “The design center is working on new models of equipment. Last year we launched the new NT500 turning center, fully developed by our company. The machine was well received at the exhibition in Moscow. This year we will take him to the central engineering exhibition in Germany, to Hannover.”

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Nelli Gaydova, Deputy Head of the Administration of the City of Sasovo, noted the importance of Sasta as a city-forming enterprise: “Today we can say with confidence that the history of the development of the city of Sasovo is largely connected with this largest enterprise. It was with its construction and commissioning that the rapid industrial growth of our city began.”

Within the framework of the solemn event, the awarding of machine-building awards and a gala concert took place. The event was attended by representatives of the Baltic Industrial Company, the state corporations Rosatom, Rostec, Roscosmos, the country's leading industrial enterprises, universities, employees and veterans of the plant.

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