Dreams come true!


In Sasovo, 10 orphans and children left without parental care received apartments from the state. From the regional and federal budget funds were allocated for the purchase of housing for young men and women, who are entering adulthood! Presentation of keys was held in a festive atmosphere.

On the eve of this event, a proposal was received from Kaledina Diana, General Director of BPK, to provide material assistance to those, who were left without parental care.

The following gifts were bought for all the guys: two-chamber refrigerators. On the eve they were delivered and installed in brand new apartments.

Maxim Glebovitsky, General Director of Sasta and Sasovsky Foundry presented gift certificates to children on behalf of Sasovsky plants and BPK.

Apartments are given to orphans by law, but they were pleasantly surprised by unexpected gifts in the form of such necessary home appliances. Yes, sometimes it is enough just to desire to help - disinterestedly, from the heart, at the behest of the heart. The rest is a matter of time and opportunity. No matter how much you give to good deeds, it’s more important that you internally understand the need for it.

From the bottom of our heart, from the bottom of our hearts, we congratulate young people on such an important event. Be happy, be friends with your neighbors, raise children and let your life be happy!!!

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