New calendar 2022 "Breathing life into metal"


A new calendar of "BPK" and "Sasta" for 2022 "Breathing life into metal" has been released.


The theme of the latest release is cosplay. What is cosplay? The term "cosplay" was formed by adding the words "costume" and "play" - this is the making of costumes and, accordingly, transformation into characters of films, comics, books or computer games. Cosplay originated in the 60s among fans and, thanks to globalization, this hobby has gained worldwide popularity. And if earlier such dressing up was considered fun, now it has become a real art. Every year millions of fans gather at various festivals to showcase their costumes, photosets and sketches.

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The best cosplay models of the country, which are world-famous: Narga, Winry, Sladkoslava and Nancy, took part in the shooting of the calendar for our enterprises. The photographer was Oleg Zotov.

For our partners, we offer 2 calendar options: a large calendar, as well as a calendar in the "trio" format.