Machine-tool plant "Sasta" celebrated the Day of the Machine Builder


Mechanical engineering as an industry has existed for more than 200 years. In terms of the number of employees and the value of its products, it ranks first among all sectors of the world industry. The level of development of mechanical engineering is one of the important indicators of the level of development of the country. The main wealth of the industry is its highly qualified personnel.

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Machine Builder's Day is a special solemn day for all employees of our enterprise.

The head of Sasovo administration Evgeniya Ivanovna Rubtsova congratulated the employees of the Sasta machine-tool plant on their professional holiday: “Engineering is the pride of the city of Sasovo. Our enterprises, which have become widely known outside the city, region and country, continue to make a significant contribution to the development of the economy, shaping the image of Sasovo and improving the quality of life of its residents.”

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For conscientious work, high professional qualities and impeccable work for the benefit of the enterprise, the employees of the enterprise were awarded the following awards:

Gorlova Yulia Viktorovna, site foreman, body parts shop;
Olovyannikov Vadim Grigorievich, engineer-programmer, technology department;
Kumpan Olga Vladimirovna, head of the financial department;
Varlahin Viktor Valentinovich, mechanic-repairman, department of chief mechanic;
Emelchenko Victor Nikolaevich, turner of the 5th category, machine shop;
Khamov Dmitry Sergeevich, operator of CNC machine tools, 4th category, body parts shop;
Shulga Dmitry Alexandrovich, CNC machine operator of the 5th category, mechanical shop;
Tsulimov Maxim Olegovich, CNC machine tool adjuster, 4th category, assembly shop;

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Sokolov Evgeniy Alekseevich, mechanic of mechanical assembly works of the 5th category, assembly shop;
Sergeev Dmitry Vyacheslavovich, thermist at HDTV installations of the 3rd category, heat treatment section;
Knyazyan Hovhannes Maenlestovich, turner of the 5th category, machine shop;
Rybakov Igor Viktorovich, operator of CNC machine tools of the 4th category, body parts shop;
Sablin Alexander Alexandrovich, head of the welding and procurement shop;
Amelin Maxim Valerievich, CNC machine tool adjuster, Chief Mechanic Department;

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Ilyin Ivan Alexandrovich, electric welder of manual electric arc welding, cooking and preparation shop;
Maslova Zoya Nikolaevna, CMS engineer, personnel management service;
Vilkov Dmitry Petrovich, foreman, welding and procurement shop;
Kozlova Tatyana Alexandrovna, electrician of the 3rd category, assembly shop;
Morozov Sergey Viktorovich, mechanic-repairman, department of chief mechanic;
Doronin Evgeniy Evgenievich, head of the mechanical shop;
Kostkin Sergey Nikolaevich, engineer, chief power engineer department;
Solomatina Elena Georgievna, painter of the assembly shop;
Vikin Andrey Igorevich, electrician for the repair and maintenance of electrical equipment, department of the chief power engineer;
Levin Aleksey Alekseevich, gas cutter of the 3rd category, welding and procurement shop;
Kozlov Alexander Mikhailovich, plumber.

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In addition, for the long-term work, gratitude was announced to the former employees of the plant:

Kuchin Nikolai Alekseevich, tool shop milling machine operator, more than 35 years of experience;
Morshankina Lidia Alekseevna, machine painter, 28 years of experience;
Yakunina Lyudmila Ivanovna, assembly production technologist, 31 years of experience;
Anshakova Valentina Alekseevna, accountant-economist of the transport department, more than 32 years of experience;
Golyakov Alexander Ivanovich, metal cutter on saws, more than 35 years of experience.

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