BPK will invest more than 200 million in the development of machine tools in the Ryazan region


On the territory of the research and production complex BPK-North, an investment agreement was signed on the development of machine-tool construction and modernization of factories in the Ryazan region between BPK and the Government of the Ryazan region.

The agreement concerns the machine-tool plant Sasta and Sasovo Foundry, which became part of BPK in October 2017. Governor of the Ryazan Region Nikolai Lyubimov noted the importance of this merger: “This was a turning point, an impetus to the revival of the plant, which actually worked, did not die, but it was difficult to expect serious development without external investments.”

The General Director of BPK, Diana Kaledina, said that “the planned total investment in the modernization and expansion of production will be more than 200 million rubles in 2018-2019. In the process of project implementation it is planned to create high-tech jobs.”


As part of the modernization, it is planned to retool Sasovo Foundry to purchase and install new modern equipment and, as a result, to increase the design capacity of the plant to 250,000 kg of iron casting per month, which will make it possible to produce large-sized castings for the engineering industry in Russia. As part of the modernization of the Sasta machine-tool plant, production capacity is also being expanded - for the procurement section of the plant it is planned to introduce modern high-tech equipment, which, in turn, will ensure an uninterrupted production cycle and increase efficiency.

The delegation examined the areas of the BPK-North research and production complex on Prospect Kultury. N. Lyubimov emphasized the system approach of BPK in organizing the workflow: “The approach is excellent. It lies in the fact that the company has its own design personnel, whose training begins at University (St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Peter the Great). I recommended my colleagues to study here, at this factory. ”

The products of Machine-Tool Plant Sasta were presented by General Director Alexey Peskov. He noted that the joint work of the enterprise entrusted to him and BPK has already had results. At the international exhibition "Metalworking 2018" samples of a new range of lathes were presented, which attracted the attention of a wide range of enterprises.

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Speaking about Sasovo plant, the governor stressed the importance of the rapid development of enterprises and the need to keep pace with the times. Speaking about the role of the Ryazan region in this project, N. Lyubimov said that he intends to assist BPK, as a major investor, in matters of interaction with state authorities and relevant organizations to provide investment projects with the necessary infrastructure. In addition, there is a close cooperation in the training of qualified personnel, including on the basis of the State Specialized Educational Institution “Sasovskiy Industrial College named after the Knight of the Order of Glory V.M. Shemarov "and technical universities of Ryazan.

Head of the Administrative Office of the Rector of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Peter the Great, Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences Glukhov Vladimir recalled how more than five years ago a joint machine-tool project was launched on the basis of BPK, and how much the partners achieved during this time own developments and design documentation for new models of machine tools, a joint design office, one of the most efficient basic departments of the Polytech: “Based on modern technology, we educate future engineers, who will have advanced knowledge. At the university, not everyone can get access to real work with real equipment. Today, during the inspection of production facilities, we saw real machines made on the basis of a youth design bureau. Not every factory can boast of this. We have more than 50 basic departments, but this department is special. ”

Vice-President of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of St. Petersburg, Mikhail Lobin, noted the enthusiasm of Sasovo plants and BPK, relating their work to the locomotives of the growth of the machine-tool industry in Russia. Predicting the future, Lobin M. summarized that "the concept of Industry 4.0 is a digital economy that the whole world is striving for is impossible without the use of high-tech modern equipment and the connection of resources from higher educational institutions, industrial partners and the state."