At the machine-tool plant “Sasta” a 4-roll hydraulic bending machine with CNC was commissioned


Within the framework of technical re-equipment, a 4-roll hydraulic bending machine with CNC МСА 2520, DAVI, Italy, was launched at the welding and preparation section of the Sasta machine-tool plant.

03_08_2018_630x360px_01.jpg 03_08_2018_630x360px_02.jpg

The use of this sheet bending machine in the production cycle can significantly improve the appearance of the lining of the Sasta machines. Due to the use of radius rounds on moving shields and facing of the spindle head, the new machines have become more ergonomic. The design of the equipment is close to the advanced imported machine tools.

Also,  Sasta accepts additional third-party orders for the manufacture of parts with radius bends and shells.

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Main technical characteristics of this equipment:

  • Processing length 2550 mm

  • Maximum sheet thickness 8 mm

  • Sheet thickness 6 mm

  • The diameter of the upper roll 200 mm

  • Bottom roll diameter 180 mm

  • The smallest bending radius is 110 mm

  • Engine power 5.5 hp

The advantages of the 4-roll hydraulic bending machine with CNC МСА 2520 are as follows:

  • The high-strength steel case, racks are made of cast iron;

  • Electronic control of parallelism reduces the error in the manufacture of parts;

  • The side shafts move along a circular path, which reduces energy consumption during bending, and also reduces the rectified area at the ends of the part;

  • Error protection system;

  • The top shaft cover is controlled using the control panel in order to easily release the bending material and lift the upper roller;

  • The machine does not require lubrication due to the use of sealed bearings;

  • 4-roll machine is 50-80% faster and more productive than any 3-roll machine.