General information


Machine building factory "Sasta" is a Russian enterprise with a half-century history, one of the few that has preserved and inherited the best traditions of the Soviet machine building industry. Machines of the factory have established as quality and reliable equipment known throughout the world. Machines produces in "Sasta" are supplied to machine-building enterprises in Russia, as well as for export.

"Sasta" factory is one of the few who managed to carry through the difficult years a high production culture, technical potential, engineering and working cadre staff.

The main activity of the modern "Sasta" is a full cycle of metal cutting machines production:
from design and casting to final assembly.

The Factory has all 6 technological conversion, which are necessary for work in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 719.

Production facilities of the factory are more than 75,000 square meters.


The technological capabilities of the enterprise allow producing products of any complexity:

• horizontal lathe machines;
• inclined turning lathe machines;
• turning and milling machining centers;
• turning machining centers with pass calipers;
• vertical lathe revolving machining centers;
• pipe threading machines.

Accuracy and reliability of the "Sasta" machines are guaranteed by a closed production cycle: the most important machine components are produced and processed directly at the factory.


Research and development department

Research and development department has been operating on a base of the machine building factory "Sasta" for more than 40 years. During this time, a product line of reliable and high-quality Russian metal cutting equipment was created, and successfully used at many domestic and foreign factories. Sasta machines operate at enterprises of the defense industry complex, machine building, oil and gas complex and are exported to 39 countries.



All machines of the model range "Sasta" are developed by own R&D department.

R&D department performs a full cycle of design works:

• development of technical specifications;
• development of mechanical components: beds, spindle heads, support groups, etc.;
• development of hydraulic and pneumatic control systems;
• development of cladding and cabinet protection;
• development of electrical equipment for machine tools.

Machines are developed taking into account modern design solutions and components and using advanced technologies well known in the world machine-building construction.


One of the most important advantages of "Sasta" is its own foundry, which has technological flexibility, as well as the ability to produce cast iron in single or batch production.


The foundry was opened in 2003. The design capacity is 250 tons of cast iron per month.

The parts of the foundry are equipped with modern melting equipment:

• induction melting units INDUCTOTHERM;
• IMF forming equipment using the third generation high-speed mixers and mechanical regeneration of the molding mixture;
• automated line of moldless molding.

Embedded technology on cold-hardening mixtures allows to obtain forms of high dimensional accuracy, which makes it possible to produce any castings with minimal allowances for machining. Finished casting has a high surface quality without metallized and chemical fumes.


Industrial laboratory

The laboratory includes the following units:

• spectral laboratory;
• mechanical laboratory;
• metallographic laboratory;
• land laboratory;
• chemical laboratory.

The plots are equipped with a special equipment that allows to carry out all necessary types of control: from the analysis of incoming materials to the control of the chemical composition of the melt and the microstructure of the castings.

Qualified specialists carry out casting control at all stages of the production process, including verifying and metrological supervision.

Machining workshop

 The machine-building factory "Sasta" performs machining processes of its own casting - complex body part for the metal cutting equipment production.



The main functional areas: blank section, machining workshop, welding section. The equipment stock of the factory has more than 200 pieces of equipment, among which there is a unique: automatic line, precision double column machining centers, 5-axis machining centers, horizontal boring machines, cylindrical grinding and internal grinding equipment, planing machines, sheet bending equipment, waterjet machines.

At the present time, there is modernization and technical re-equipment of production. Active expansion of production facilities is underway - the introduction of modern high-tech equipment, which ensures an uninterrupted production cycle and increased efficiency.

 "Sasta" uses progressive achievements in the field of labor organization, including lean production system in order to reduce costs and exclude manufacturing defects. Quality monitoring and control systems have been implemented.




Assembling areas:
• component assembly;
• electric wiring assembling;
• general machines assembling area;
• coating area;
• resting and after-sales training;
• packing.

Within the assembly cycle, specialists of OJSC "Sasta" perform a testing of each machine in operation during 96 hours. Factory facilities allow to assemble any machine equipment including
heavy and large-sized machines.